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Dog Swimming🐾

All of us that are blessed to have dogs in our family have at one time or another introduced them to water whether it be…

admin Aug 11, 2017

Light Up Your Night Swim!

As July turns to August, we're coming up on the end of summer. But, the pool fun is not over yet! Sometimes your days ca…

admin Aug 04, 2017

Fruity Floats!

When you're outside in the pool on a hot summer day, what would you consider to be the best snack? We bet a lot of peopl…

admin Jul 31, 2017

International Beer Day! 🍺

For our 21 and over customers, we want to inform you that AUGUST 4TH is International Beer Day! This day is where we gl…

admin Jul 26, 2017

Ionize Your Pool

Unfortunately you're not the only living organism swimming around your pool. Algae, bacteria and fungus also live in yo…

admin Jul 24, 2017